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Do I need a dual-suspension bike to ride off road?

Dual-suspension bikes or full-suspension bikes, as they're also called, are lots of fun and they can make your off-road rides more comfortable and provide additional control making you a better mountain biker. But, they're not absolutely essential and plenty of people ride even challenging trails on bikes with only front suspension. 

Still, there are enough benefits for most off-road cyclists that we recommend considering dual suspension if you enjoy trail riding often. We mentioned increased control and comfort. Having front and rear shocks also allows you to safely tackle technical terrain that you might have avoided before, so the feature can extend your riding. Maybe better, because these bikes reduce the beating you take, you're less tired during and after long rides and you're a lot less likely to suffer back and neck pain, a common problem for some off-roaders. 

Many cyclists also appreciate the high-tech nature of dual suspension. The rigs are intricate and neat to admire and show off. And the front and rear suspension systems are adjustable so you can study the manual and tweak things to dial the ride just the way you like it. 

Come on in and we'll be happy to show you some of our favorite suspension mountain bikes and why we think you'll like them so much.


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