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Are special biking shorts really necessary? I don't like skin-tight clothes.

If you're just coasting around the neighborhood, any old pair of cutoffs might work just fine. But, once you hit the trail or road for an hour-long spin or more, cycling shorts can make a significant difference in comfort.

It's the construction of these pedaling pants that works the magic. Your everyday trousers and shorts - even ones designed for exercise, are held together by seams that usually come together in the crotch area forming a bump right where it can hurt you most when you're sitting on a bicycle seat. Also, the fabrics used are for all-round fashion and comfort. They can't provide the moisture transfer and relief from friction that's so important when you're spinning the pedals.

Inside cycling shorts you'll find a generous pad that, combined with the seam-free crotch construction, helps cushion shock and prevent friction that can cause chafing and discomfort. It's important to note that regular underwear is not worn beneath cycling shorts because the seams in the underwear cause the exact problem the shorts are designed to avoid. There is however, special seam-free cycling underwear available and it will add to the comfort of cycling shorts.

And don't worry about having to wear skin-tight shorts. We have loose-fitting cycling shorts that resemble the most stylish outdoor clothing. In these baggies, you'll be super comfy while riding, and when you stop to shop or relax, you'll look and feel great.

Come in and try on some cycling shorts today. You'll really appreciate the difference.


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